Breathe in the Beauty: Top 3 Panoramic Gems for First-Time Vilnius Travelers!

Vilnius, with its charming Old Town and vibrant atmosphere, is a feast for the senses. But to truly capture the city’s essence, you need to elevate your perspective. Here are the top 3 panoramic must-sees for first-time visitors: 1. Gediminas Tower: This iconic symbol of Vilnius soars above the city, offering breathtaking 360° views. Witness […]

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Explore Vilnius: Immerse Yourself in the Timeless Charm of Kaziukas Fair

Nestled in the heart of Vilnius, the enchanting Kaziukas Fair stands as a testament to over 400 years of tradition, celebrating the legacy of Grand Duke Casimir. This vibrant event captures the essence of spring, offering an unparalleled experience for tourists seeking a taste of Lithuanian culture. Join us as we unravel the rich history […]

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Places To Go With Kids In Vilnius

Having problems while deciding where to go with children? Here you can find some suggestions: Toy’s Museum This museum is the first museum of toys in Lithuania and is still very young, but it `chose the direction of modern museology` and wishes to present an interesting experience, where `science and culture will enrich a person‘s […]

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Scenic trails around Vilnius

Pick the trail for your adventure around one of the greenest capital cities – Vilnius! Nature trails in Vilnius: Pūčkoriai walking trail Right next to the Entertainment & Leisure Center. “Belmontas” and behind the bridge through the river Vilnia, there is a 6 km long Pūčkoriai walking trail. Alongside it, you can see historical buildings of the […]

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