Experience the enchanting city of Vilnius, with its charming Old Town and vibrant atmosphere, through a lens of panoramic beauty. To truly capture the essence of the city, elevate your perspective at these top 3 must-see panoramic spots for first-time visitors:

1. Gediminas Tower: Soaring above Vilnius, this iconic symbol offers breathtaking 360° views. Witness the red rooftops of the Old Town, the meandering Neris River, and distant hills. Conquer the 48 meters (by stairs or funicular) for an unforgettable experience!

Hill of Three Crosses: History meets beauty at this sacred site with a panoramic twist. Gaze upon the Vilnius skyline with churches, towers, and green spaces, while the three white crosses stand tall in the foreground. This spot is particularly charming at sunset, offering a romantic and reflective atmosphere.

3. Subačius Viewpoint: Escape the city buzz and discover this hidden gem offering a peaceful panorama. Nestled north of the Old Town, this viewpoint unveils sweeping vistas of the Neris River valley, surrounded by lush forests and distant villages. It’s a photographer’s paradise and a perfect escape for nature lovers.

Bonus: For a modern twist, visit the Vilnius TV Tower, the tallest structure in Lithuania. Ascend to the observation deck for breathtaking views stretching far beyond the city limits.


  • Consider the time of day. Sunsets or early mornings offer the most stunning views.
  • Check the weather for optimal visibility.
  • Combine your visits with other nearby attractions to make the most of your time.

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