Pick the trail for your adventure around one of the greenest capital cities – Vilnius!

Nature trails in Vilnius:

Pūčkoriai walking trail


Right next to the Entertainment & Leisure Center. “Belmontas” and behind the bridge through the river Vilnia, there is a 6 km long Pūčkoriai walking trail. Alongside it, you can see historical buildings of the Pūčkoriai mansion and among them, the cannon foundry from which the area itself received the title of Pūčkoriai. Enjoy the beauty of the Valley of Vilnia. The most impressive object of nature in the area – 65 m high outcrop of Pūčkoriai. It‘s magnificence can be clearly seen from the top and from the bottom.. The longer part of the trail goes by the river Vilnelė, so, take your swimwear with you on a hot day. That would not be a mistake, but on the contrary – the best idea. Even if Lithuania is not a mountainous region, it is said that because of it‘s flow speed in the downstream, the river Vilnia can remind you of a fine mountain river. That is why many chose to experience it while kayaking.

Sapieginė walking trail

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Sapieginė walking trail is located at the Pavilniai regional park. Here you can explore Sapieginė and Šveicarija parks, take a rest at the designated rest stops and at the same time – enjoy the view and the quiet. Run away from the city noise and immerse yourself in sounds of birds and light breeze running throught tree leaves for an hour or two. As the regional park is just a couple hundred meters away from one of the central regions of the city Antakalnis, Sapieginė walking trail is a perfect getaway and also, an active way of spending your free time. This 5,25 km long trail goes througout the territory of the Antakalnis forest array. Some parts of the trail are pretty steep, but other parts are just perfect for a bike ride.

Ribiškės walking trail


The route of this walking trail emphasizes the great value of Pavilniai regional park and Ribiškiės landscape reservation. Woods and gullies with flat meadows create the bright scenic view of landscape. You can clearly see it while going for a 6 km long walking trail, which starts at the Minsk highway, nearby Liepkalnis winter amusement park. Explore hilly areas of the territory, flexuous paths and small, but nonetheless swift rivulets – that is a perfect entertainment for a nature lover. Fantastic view to the hills of Ribiškiės and Vilnius from Liepkalnis will make you thirsty for more.

Nature trails in Vilnius region:

Saidė walking trail


Saidė walking trail is located nearby the lovely rivulet of Saidė, about 23 km away from the capital. The main attractions of this short 1 km long trail are the great mound of Stirniai and a stony junction of Saidė and Neris rivers. The landscape reminds you more of Scandinavia – as it is not a view that you often see in Lithuania. This walking trail is also variant because of the amount of the oak trees that grow here. An oak is considered as a symbol of endurance, strenght and dignity in Lithuanian literature and folklore. The lenght of rivulet Saidė is only 5 km. A fountainhead of it is lake Didžiulis.

Dūkštos walking trail

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Dūkštos walking trail is a part of the Regional park of Neris, it is located around 30 km away from Vilnius. Dūkštos walking trail is one of the most difficult, requiring a lot of effort to finish, but also the most interesting walking trail in the Neris regional park. That is why you must visit it. Many years ago water of melting glaciers formed the relief of Lithuania, while creating an incredible canyon – the Valley of Dūkšta. Many rare plant and animal species choose this place as their home. Unique witnesses of the past – the Bradeliškių and the Buivydų mounds and the Karmazinų alcove that reminds of a pyramid can also be seen here. While following the 5 km long trail, you can climb up two high outcrops, see the biggest oak in the region and enjoy the sights of the Valley of Neris.

Karmazinai walking trail

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Karmazinai walking trail is also a part of the Regional park of Neris and it is located around 29 km away from Vilnius. Karmazinai walking trail streches for 7 km alongside the Neris river. Near the barrow of Karmazinai you will be able to see the widest part of the river – the width reaches 150 meters. Because of the shoal of Purvė‘s murmur of stones and the impressive width of Neris this place makes you feel the power of nature. While following the trail, you will be surrounded by forest. Pay attention to the variety of trees growing here: spruces, pines, strong oak trees, elm trees, black alders and more… You can find the biggest barrows in Vilnius region, the highest slope with the biggest amount of stairs installed in order to climb it‘s peak and the best place to grill a steak and spend the afternoon in the forest.

Šilėnai walking trail


Šilėnai walking trail – another scenic trail for adventorious people. It‘s just 25 km away from the city. This magical place is full of surprises: you can find mythical stones, reservoirs and swamps where Lithuanian orchids and some other rare plants are growing. The trail starts at Šilėnai town, which can be indicated by it‘s bright yellow church built in 1725. Walking trail‘s lenght is about 6 km. The main must see“ object – a reservoir Akis“ (An Eye“), which at first sight looks like an ordinary swamp, but hides an ancient sacred reservoir. That ancient reservoir was obstructed by nothing else, but the beavers, who took over the place and made it their home. In the middle of the trail you will reach the most beautiful part – the mound of Naujoji Strėva. From this point, you can enjoy the most magnificent panoramic view of the trail. While returning to town, taste the water from the reservoir. It is believed that is has magical healing powers.