As the spread Coronavirus grows, governments around the world are implementing these measures to curtail the spread:

From midnight, Saturday 14th of March, foreigners will not be permitted entry into Poland. There are certain exceptions, to check whether you are allowed entry please go to the official website of the Republic of Poland. This will apply until 24th of March and may be extended further. You are permitted to leave Poland, but be aware many flights are being cancelled. New restrictions on foreigners entering Poland have been introduced on all borders (land, air, and sea) beginning March 15th, 2020.

There are currently no travel restrictions in place as a result of the worldwide outbreak. Temperature screening measures are in place at Minsk National Airport. The Ministry of Health asks all travelers entering Belarus to inform border control officials if they have visited countries where COVID-19 is circulating actively. Belavia has cancelled flights to Rome, Milan, Ashgabat and Tel Aviv.

Quarantine set to be introduced at midnight on March 16th, Monday to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Once the quarantine is in place, Lithuanian citizens, with some exceptions, will be banned from leaving the country, and foreigners will be banned from entering the country. Foreign nationals will be allowed to enter the territory of Lithuania until midnight, March 19th on condition they cross without indispensable stop.

Effective midnight between Monday, March 16th and Tuesday, March 17th local time, the government of Latvia will close its borders to all but Latvian citizens and Latvian residents who hold proper residency documentation. There are no restrictions for foreigners to depart Latvia.  The border closures will impact a significant number of train, air, and bus routes. 

Starting from Tuesday, March 17th 2020, new rules of border crossing are implemented. Foreigners are allowed to transit Estonia on the way to their home country if they do not show symptoms of COVID-19. Only citizens of Estonia and holders of Estonian residency permit or right of residence, among them the so-called grey passport holders can enter Estonia, as well as those foreign citizens whose family member lives in Estonia. There are no restrictions for exiting the country.

Please stay safe and healthy! For more information, check the official government websites of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Belarus.