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Amber Workshop – Ancient Sea Treasures at Your Hand

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As Lithuania happens to be on the Baltic coast, the birth place of this unique gift of pre-ice-age pine trees – amber, you will find yourself at the beginning of the European Amber Route leading as far as the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Take an unforgettable journey to the world of Amber, which can take you back 50 million years ago. You will see an amber road, presented in an original and artistic way: drops of amber rolling down the pine or enormous creatures which walked in amber trees forest as well as natural amber pieces caught by Lithuanian amber fishermen in the stormy Baltic Sea. The most valuable exhibit is a lizard in the amber piece. There are only few such inclusions in the world!

The main excursion and workshop will take place at the Art Center of Baltic Amber (Mykolo str. 12), where you will find yourself surrounded by the cultural layers of Vilnius dating back to 15th century as well as various archeological findings and authentic ceiling paintings.

There is a special sanctum, which tells us about ritual places of pagans and the rites. Amber was very important part of these rituals. It is believed that amber could pacify raging gods, make dreams and expectations come true…

During the workshop you will try the archaic amber processing tools and make your own amber amulet – a sunny memory from Lithuania!

After the workshop you are invited to visit next door Amber gallery by yourself. Here you will get down to the cobblestone courtyard of the Medieval pottery to find the fingerprints of the ancient Balts in the restored amulets of famous Juodkrantė treasure, reflecting the beliefs dating back forty centuries.

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  • Underground cellars with streets and layers of Vilnius dating back to the 15th century
  • Sanctum of the pagans - ritual place of pagans and the rites
  • Subtleties of amber processing shown by the professional
  • Amber– you will make your own amber amulet to take home
  • Samples of 6 thousand-years-old amber amulets
  • Collection of amber art


Introduction to history and origin of amber – amber road at the Art Center of Baltic Amber
Practical workshop to make an amber amulet of success to take with you!
Visiting the amber gallery (next door) to see the collections and amber treasure of Juodkrante.


  • check-1 Excursion and intro to the amber
  • check-1 Guided amber processing workshop
  • check-1 Amber amulet to take home
  • check-1 You will be able to visit to the Amber Museum – Gallery (on your own), where you can see the amber treasure


  • remove Additional amber souvenirs

Tour's Location

Ico_maps Created with Sketch. Art Center of Baltic Amber, Šv. Mykolo Str. 12, Vilnius, Lithuania


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Very Good
Feel the city your way!



Fun & Informative Tour

This was a delightful way to pass a hot afternoon. The tour started down in the fifteenth-century foundations of the city (fifteen feet below street level!) and concluded in a well-equipped amber workshop, where I sanded and polished a small amulet of amber. Along the way, I saw prehistoric and later pieces, and learned all about this beautiful stone. Highly recommended!
Feel the city your way!

Domas Palevičius

I could never believe amber so soft and gentle is. We really had nice time at workshop.
Feel the city your way!



Entertaining and interesting activity

Made a very beautiful amulet for my daughter and the process of making it was just as interesting as entertaining. I recommend it to anyone who finds crafts interesting
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