UAB “Turizmo paslaugos“

C.E.O. Avitalis Maizelis

19 April 2019 order No. 01-04/19


FeelZcity – UAB “Turizmo paslaugos“ rules of the personal data processing for direct marketing purposes



1.1. These rules apply to the personal data processing for direct marketing purposes to the extent that is specified in these rules.

1.2. With the consent of the data subject, UAB “Turizmo paslaugos” (hereinafter referred to as FeelZcity) processes, for the reasons related to direct marketing, the following personal data: e-mail, telephone number.

1.3. These rules of personal data regulation do not apply for the already existing agreements that are related to the tourism services provision.



2.1. Specified E-mail address is used by FeelZcity to inform the customer about tourism services, discounts, special offers, surveys and other news.

2.2. Specified E-mail is also used to send personalized messages.

2.3. FeelZcity can also use the specified E-mail address to inquire the customer about the services provided.

2.4. E-mail address can be used to implement advertisement targeting on Facebook, Google, and other advertising platforms.



3.1. Specified telephone number can be used by FeelZcity representatives to about tourism services, discounts, special offers, surveys and other news.

3.2. Specified telephone number is dialled up to 5 times per year in order to inform about the above mentioned news.

3.3. Additionally, FeelZcity can dial the specified telephone number to inquire about the services provided.



5.1. Data subject has the right to access his personal data, demand to correct incorrect or inaccurate personal data, demand to restrict personal data management actions, (except data keeping). Data subject can also demand to erase the data (when the consent is withdrawn), or to transfer it (receive from it from FeelZcity or request the transfer of personal data to the specified institution). Data subject can disagree with personal data management regulations.

5.2. The data subject has the right to withdraw his/her consent that allows to process his/her personal data for direct marketing purposes. This can done by writing an E-mail to or by calling +370618



6.1. Timeline for data processing (email address, telephone number): 3 years from the date of receipt of consent.

6.2. If the data subject has any questions or complaints regarding the personal data management he/she can can contact FeelZcity, by writing an E-mail to Data subject can also contact State Data Protection Inspectorate.

6.3. These regulations can be found on FeelZcity web site or at the FeelZcity office. FeelZcity has the right to revoke or amend these rules.

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